HUL 2022: Format & Regulations

Format & Regulation

Format Individual, Best of 3 (50 min/round)
Eligibility All players who reside in Brunei Darussalam are able to join the league series.
Language English/Japanese cards may be used.
Cards Cards from the latest expansions in which the expansion's official release date precedes the date of tournament date are legal to be used.
Deck Player must use the same deck throughout the day of the tournament. If the same player were to compete the tournament again in a future date then, he/she may use a different deck for that particular day of the tournament.

Player are required to use opaque sleeves so that the back of the cards cannot be easily distinguished.

Card sleeves for main deck must be different from the ride deck.

Deck Registration Player must submit the deck list on the day of tournament and will undergo deck check. Discrepancies between deck list and actual deck used in tournament may result in penalty and/or disqualification.
Entry Fee One time payment of $15 per format
Time-up policy Players have 10 minutes to finish 3 extra given by the judge. After 10 minute, the game will be decided by sudden death.