Hobby Union League 2022: Introduction

The next saga to the League series for 2022!

The Hobby Union League series for Cardfight!! Vanguard is (finally) back for the year 2022 despite the major pandemic setbacks. With the introduction of the new Standard format, the league series will be filled with new challenges to players who will be fighting for their favorite nations.


This year's tournament structure will have 2 levels of tournament:

1) Group Stage Qualifier

2) Double Elimination Knockout


All tournament levels will run on individual tournament format. 32 slots will be open for players to join the first tournament level which will then be put into 8 groups. The Top 2 players from each group will proceed to the next level that makes up to the Top 16 double elimination knockout stage. Should there be less than 32 players joining the tournament then tournament will be adjusted according to the number of players.