Special Tournament of the Year: Tag Fight format

Special Tournament of the Year: Tag Fight format


Hobby Union is proud to announce the first special tournament for the year of 2022: Tag Fight Standard format which is to be held on 20/11/2022. Fighters will have to team up in pairs to fight other teams by working together.

Tag Fight rules

1) Each fighter's turn will pass in a Zig-Zag manners. The fighter who starts last can attack first.

2) Fighters can only attack the opponent directly in front of them. Effects that states 'all units' will only affect opponent directly in front of them.

3) Fighters can guard for their team members if requested by their team members but cannot attack during the other member’s turn. When guarding for other members, 'Intercepts' cannot be used.

4) Counterblast and Soulblast cost can be shared between the team members.

5) In order for the heal trigger to activate, total damages between the teams will be used as comparison instead of individual fighters.

6) Team members are allowed to see each other’s cards in hand but are forbidden from coaching nor strategizing with their member.

7) Team that reaches 9 damage totaled from each members will lose the fight.

8) Special ruling: Over-trigger shall not be included inside the deck.